RE1 or RE5 workshop inclusive of our Exclusive Study Guide

RE Exams

In short, the workshop prepares you for writing and passing the exams.

The RE1 and RE5 exams are exams that you physically write at an exam provider such as Moonstone. The exam consists of a set amount of questions and a prescribed pass mark that you have to achieve. You have to register and pay the set fees at the provider when you register.

Upon the successful completion of the exam you will be awarded the certificate which is issued by the exam provider.

The RE1 and RE5 certification is not a SETA accredited certification and also does not count toward your NQF points.

The certificate is issued within the regulations of the FAIS and a requirement for certain services in the financial industry.

RE Workshops

The RE1 and RE5 workshops are provided by service providers who are not necessarily registered as exam providers.

The exams are difficult and there is a huge amount of information that you need to know to pass the exams.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide you with a deeper understanding of the study material and the knowledge to enable you to pass your exam. Lets Study is a Workshop Provider and we have our own exclusive learning material which is condensed so it is easier for you to study for and pass your exams.

The reason why people do not write the exams directly after attending the workshop is that you still need some time to study the material.

The knowledge you attain at the workshop combined with your self study will enable you to pass your exams successfully.

The workshop and exams are separate costs, the cost for the exam at Moonstone is around R1300, and should you fail you will need to register again and pay the prescribed amount again.

The workshops cost is around R1995 ‚Äď R3000 for a two day workshop (6 hours per day). This cost does not include the exam fees payable when registering for the exam at the exam provider.

Attending the workshop does not guarantee that you will pass the exams, BUT at Lets Study we are confident that once you have attended our workshop and have our exclusive study guide you will pass. We back this up with the only guarantee you will find, if you do not pass after attending our workshop we will enroll you in the next workshop free of charge.